We ate a similar version of these, albeit the potatoes were cut into chunks, when we stayed with our very dear farmer friends in Pitney, Somerset. Every time I make this it is synonymous with our stay, hence the name of this dish. The Walronds have been running Glebe farm for over 200 years, and it was converted to organic production in 1999, for further information please see We love going to visit the Walronds every year, the food produced is second to none, so much so that I even bring back orders for friends! There is also a farm shop and a lovely cafe as well – I will write more about the farm in future posts. All I will say at this stage is that if you are in the West country, a detour to the farm shop and cafe is a must!

Serves 4

This can be halved if you are making this for Valentine’s day, we would also very much suggest pairing this with our succulent salmon



1kg potatoes, skins on, cut into wedges

2.5 tablespoons of rapeseed/olive oil

4 plump cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped , or 1 teaspoon dried – please note that it would be great if you have a garden that has rosemary or perhaps a friendly neighbour that is willing to let you have some. We are not advocating that you buy a pack specifically for this recipe, especially as I was really surprised to discover that the packs sold in various stores emanate from Morocco.

Salt and freshly ground pepper



  1.  Heat the oven to 200C/180Cfan/gas mark 6. Put the potatoes into a large pan of cold water, add 1 teaspoon salt. When the water has boiled, reduce to a simmer. Cook for 3 minutes. Drain well, tip them into a baking tray, then sprinkle them with the oil, coat them with the garlic and rosemary; season well.
  2.  Spread onto one layer, bake for 25 – 30 minutes until they are crispy and golden. I usually shake them half way through.